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Outils d'orfèvrerie

With Maison Theil, each piece is carefully handworked from the finest materials from our best French suppliers and numbered to 5 pieces per model per color mix.


Cuir de couture


Nicolas Theil founded his house in 2011. All his creations are designed in Paris, and the main line, MAISON THEIL is fully handmade in Paris with the conviction that reducing the impact of creation on our planet is as important as creating quality, everlasting pieces that will testify of our time here.

Each collection is a surprise, engaged in a word of awareness and reflection of what surrounds us.



Maison Theil is the exclusive and ultra-limited spirit of Nicolas Theil's creations.


These pieces are made by hand in his Parisian workshop and numbered to five copies per model. Light and integrated pieces that combine leather craftsmanship with the complex work of sheathing.

Creativity, innovation and concept, mixed to pure tradition and classical french elegance.

Each piece is made on order and takes 2 to 6 weeks to produce. 

Materials are carefully selected in Paris, from our most relevant suppliers.




Nicolas Theil questions through his creations, giving them a life and a story of their own, through the theme of his collections he breathes an unspeakable attempt at justification.


Bearer of a typical French know-how, he structures and destructures, invents and reinvents forms and materials, in his Parisian “laboratory” workshop, always in search for innovation. He sometimes recycles his scraps, works with polypropylene for its durability and practicality, or devotes himself to laser engraving.

The designer's way of thinking is so far always joyful, optimistic and a bit ironic, some of the pieces are marked with his famous sentence:

“La Nature est le plus grand des luxes, à consommer avec mode et ration” 


Nicolas Theil's work is inspired by a generational concern: the future of the world, its destruction and reconstruction...

“For me, these notions are intrinsic to life. I have faith in nature, in man, I like the mark he leaves on the stone he polishes, the leather he tans” 

                                                                                                                     Nicolas Theil



Leather, is the element at the base of his creations, which he aggregates, crumples, structures and destructures, as if to appropriate this nature he cherishes, as if to sublimate it.

His first Écorce Végétale collection already set the tone: duality. This will be one of the guidelines to his work. This will be followed by collections related to nature in its broadest terms. Exploring plants, minerals, animals, humanity and the universe.

A capacity for evolution that he cherishes, in perpetual mutation, a freedom of expression, speech and creation not bounded to any movement.




GoodPlanet Foundation_Logo_White_EN.png

Nicolas Theil was always inspired by Nature and now wants to do more: get involved, inform, participate and help people to preserve and regenerate what we are all loosing here. 

''Yann Arthus Bertrand was always such a major inspiration in my collections it was an evidence we would one day or an other do our best to help his foundation work on nowdays majors goal and help our future generations preserve the most important thing: life.'' explains Nicolas Theil.

We understood, dreamt of what could be a possible future for our grandchildrens. It's now time for us to act for our planet and natural ecosystems.
By combining artistic and educationals approaches, we hope to hatch new awarenesses, whether they either individual or collective.

From that statement we decided to distribute the foundation 10% of all benefits made from MAISON THEIL's sells.

We also are convinced that working with the most engaged actors to propose a new way of producing long lasting luxury and fashion that wouln't just be trends, reduce our carbon prints as much as possible and recycle what ever we can to introduce it in our creations. 

We all need to help preserve oceans and nature's life as much as human life. We all have a goal there. Lets do everything we can to make that dream a reality. 

Visit their website and act with us now !

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